Lenovo ThinkPad: Now Renewed T470

The Lenovo ThinkPad T470, now renewed, is a highly capable, dependable, and robust laptop tailored to meet the demanding needs of modern professionals. Boasting a 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, and 256 GB SSD storage, this ThinkPad is optimized for seamless handling of daily tasks. Its 14″ HD touchscreen, operating on Windows 11 and bundled with MS Office, ensures an enhanced user experience. Moreover, the laptop is equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, Webcam, and Intel Graphics, rendering it a versatile and efficient tool for various purposes.


(Renewed) Lenovo ThinkPad T470: A Comprehensive Review of the 7th Gen Intel Core i5 Thin & Light HD Touchscreen Laptop


Design and Build

The ThinkPad T470 from Lenovo has a traditional, understated design that perfectly captures the series’ distinguishing look. A MIL-STD 810G certification ensures that the laptop will be durable enough to resist the rigours of regular use. It has a polished, businesslike appearance because to its sleek matte black finish and crisp edges, and the greatest thing is that it’s really easy for active professionals to carry around when on the go thanks to its lightweight design.

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The ThinkPad T470’s 8 GB DDR4 RAM and 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor provide dependable performance for multitasking and productivity. The system’s responsiveness is further improved by the SSD storage, which offers quicker application loading and boot times. It is appropriate for both work and play thanks to the integrated Intel graphical, which offer enough graphical capabilities for everyday tasks and multimedia consumption.


Display and Touchscreen

The 14″ HD touchscreen display of the ThinkPad T470 offers vibrant colors and sharp visuals, making it ideal for presentations, content creation, and media consumption. The touchscreen functionality adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing users to interact with the laptop in a more intuitive manner. The touch screen is highly responsive and works well with Windows 11’s touch-oriented features.

Lenovo ThinkPad

Operating System and Software – Lenovo ThinkPad

The ThinkPad T470 comes with Windows 11 pre-installed, providing users with a modern and secure operating system. The integration of MS Office enhances productivity, making it easy to create, edit, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The combination of Windows 11 and MS Office ensures a seamless and user-friendly computing experience.


Connectivity and Ports

In terms of connectivity, the ThinkPad T470 leaves no stone unturned. With WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1, users can stay connected to the internet and peripheral devices effortlessly. The laptop is equipped with a USB Type-C port, three USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, a headphone/microphone combo jack, and an SD card reader, providing a wide range of connectivity options.


Webcam and Audio

The integrated Webcam of the ThinkPad T470 captures decent quality video, making it suitable for online conferences, webinars, and virtual meetings. The laptop’s audio output is clear and adequately loud for personal entertainment and conference calls, though it may not be ideal for audiophiles.


Keyboard and Trackpad

The ThinkPad T470 boasts Lenovo’s iconic, spill-resistant, and ergonomic keyboard, which provides an excellent typing experience. The keys offer good feedback and are well-spaced, reducing the chances of typing errors. The red TrackPoint located in the center of the keyboard offers an alternative way to navigate the laptop, enhancing user efficiency.


Battery Life

One of the standout features of the ThinkPad T470 is its impressive battery life. The combination of power-efficient components and optimized software allows the laptop to last for extended periods, making it suitable for long flights, meetings, or workdays without requiring frequent recharges.



In conclusion, for businesspeople looking for a dependable and effective laptop for their everyday activities, the (Renewed) Lenovo ThinkPad T470 delivers an appealing combination. It performs well because to its 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, and 256 GB SSD storage. The increased user experience is made possible by the 14″ HD touchscreen running Windows 11 and including Microsoft Office. The laptop is a tough option for workers who are on the go because to its durable design, long-lasting battery, and flexible connectivity options. The ThinkPad T470 promises to provide a positive computing experience, whether it’s for work, education, or pleasure.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What does “Renewed” mean in the context of the Lenovo ThinkPad T470?

“Renewed” refers to the fact that the Lenovo ThinkPad T470 has undergone a rigorous refurbishing process to restore it to a like-new condition. This process involves thorough testing, cleaning, and repairing of any defects to ensure the laptop’s optimal performance and appearance. A renewed laptop offers a more cost-effective option for users who desire the features and performance of the ThinkPad T470 at a lower price point.


Can the Lenovo ThinkPad T470 handle demanding tasks and multitasking?

Yes, the ThinkPad T470 is equipped with a 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB DDR4 RAM, making it capable of handling everyday tasks, as well as moderate multitasking. Whether it’s word processing, web browsing, video conferencing, or light photo editing, this laptop should be more than adequate for most users’ needs.


How is the touchscreen functionality on the ThinkPad T470?

The 14″ HD touchscreen on the ThinkPad T470 is highly responsive and intuitive to use. It allows users to interact with the laptop using touch gestures, which can be particularly helpful for tasks like zooming in on documents, swiping between apps, or navigating websites. The touchscreen is compatible with Windows 11’s touch-oriented features, enhancing the overall user experience.


Does the ThinkPad T470 come with Windows 11 pre-installed?

Yes, the laptop comes with Windows 11 pre-installed, providing users with a modern and secure operating system. Windows 11 offers a host of new features, improved performance, and a more user-friendly interface.


Can I use the ThinkPad T470 for gaming and graphics-intensive applications?

While the ThinkPad T470 is not specifically designed for gaming or graphics-intensive tasks, its integrated Intel Graphics can handle light gaming and basic graphics applications. However, it may not deliver the same level of performance as dedicated gaming laptops or workstations.


Are there enough connectivity options on the ThinkPad T470?

Absolutely! The laptop comes equipped with multiple connectivity options, including WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 for wireless connections. Additionally, it features a USB Type-C port, three USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, a headphone/microphone combo jack, and an SD card reader. These diverse options allow users to connect to various peripherals and accessories seamlessly.


How is the battery life of the ThinkPad T470?

One of the key highlights of the ThinkPad T470 is its impressive battery life. Thanks to its power-efficient components and optimized software, it can last for extended periods on a single charge. The exact battery life may vary depending on usage, but users can expect it to comfortably last through a typical workday or lengthy flights.


Is the keyboard on the ThinkPad T470 comfortable to use?

Yes, the ThinkPad T470 features Lenovo’s renowned ergonomic keyboard design, known for its comfort and precision. The keys offer good tactile feedback, making typing for extended periods more enjoyable and reducing the likelihood of errors. The red TrackPoint in the center of the keyboard also adds an alternative navigation method for users who prefer it.


Can I use the ThinkPad T470 for video conferencing and online meetings?

Absolutely! The laptop comes equipped with an integrated Webcam, enabling users to participate in video conferencing, online meetings, webinars, and virtual classrooms. The Webcam delivers decent video quality, making it suitable for professional communications.


What is included in the package when purchasing the ThinkPad T470?

When purchasing the ThinkPad T470, the package typically includes the laptop itself, a power adapter, and the necessary documentation. However, it is advisable to check with the seller or retailer for specific inclusions and any additional accessories or warranty details.



  • Reliable Performance: Equipped with a 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, this laptop delivers reliable performance for everyday tasks and even some demanding applications.
  • Lightweight and Portable: The thin and light design of the ThinkPad T470 makes it easy to carry around, making it ideal for professionals on the go.
  • Durable Build: The laptop’s robust construction can withstand daily wear and tear, and its MIL-STD 810G certification adds an extra layer of durability.
  • HD Touchscreen: The 14″ HD touchscreen is highly responsive and allows for touch-based interaction, enhancing user experience for various tasks.
  • Ample RAM and Storage: With 8 GB DDR4 RAM and a 256 GB SSD, the laptop provides sufficient memory and storage space for smooth multitasking and quick data access.
  • Windows 11 Compatibility: The laptop’s touchscreen works seamlessly with the touch-based features of Windows 11, offering an improved and intuitive user interface.
  • Pre-Bundled MS Office: The inclusion of Microsoft Office software provides productivity right out of the box, enabling users to start working without additional purchases.



  • Older Generation Processor: The laptop features a 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, which may not be as powerful as the latest generation CPUs, impacting performance for resource-intensive tasks.
  • Limited Graphics Performance: The integrated Intel Graphics may not be sufficient for graphic-intensive tasks, such as gaming or video editing.
  • Non-Retina Display: While the HD touchscreen is functional, it may not offer the same level of sharpness and clarity as higher-resolution displays.
  • Renewed Condition: As a renewed product, the laptop may show signs of previous use or wear, although it should still be in good working condition.
  • Limited Upgrade Options: Due to its compact design, the laptop may have limited options for hardware upgrades, making it less suitable for users with specific performance requirements.
  • Battery Life: Depending on the condition of the battery, the laptop’s battery life may not be as long-lasting as some newer models.
  • Connectivity Ports: The laptop may lack certain modern connectivity options, such as USB-C, which could limit compatibility with newer peripherals.

Overall, the (Renewed) Lenovo ThinkPad T470 offers a well-rounded package with reliable performance and portability, but potential buyers should consider their specific needs and weigh the benefits against the limitations of this older generation laptop.

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